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Author Information

1.Shinyapps developer

Application: Genomic chromosome data visualization application

Language: R language

Author: benben-miao

Maintainer: benben-miao

Author Email: benben.miao@outlook.com

Author Github: benben-miao

Dev Time: 2019/10/08

Dev IDE: Rstudio

Deploy Host: Shinyapps.io


Package name: RCircos

Version: 1.2.0

Author: Hongen Zhang

Maintainer: Hongen Zhang <hzhang.henry@gmail.com>

Description: A simple and flexible way to generate Circos 2D track plot images for genomic data visualization is implemented in this package.

The types of plots include: heatmap, histogram, lines, scatterplot, tiles and plot items for further decorations include connector,

link (lines and ribbons), and text (gene) label.

All functions require only R graphics package that comes with R base installation.

License: GPL (>=2)

Depends: R (>= 2.10)


App name: Genomic chromosome data visualization application

Code program: R language.

code Env: R 3.6.0

Deplement Packages: shiny, shinydashborad, readxl, RCircos, colourpicker,DT

Deploy Host: Shinyapps.io

Author Information