Points and Lines Size will apply only if Size By: in the Color Group Split Size Fill Mappings are set to None
Make sure not to choose a variable that is in the y variable(s) list otherwise you will get an error Variable not found. These variables are stacked and become yvars and yvalues.This ensures that colour/group/etc. are kept intact when you apply a new filter or recode a variable. When you combine variables all mappings will be updated so you can choose the newly formed variable and as such the previous state will be lost.
A barplot for non-numeric x or y variable(s), or a density/histogram for numeric x or y variabl(s) will be produced,only when the x or y variable(s) are empty. Options are to be added as per users requests.
Currently it is not possible to label the barplot when position Sum to 100% is used.
The emax fit is based on a nonlinear `nls` fit which does not support providing standard errors.
KM curves support is now expanded. When a KM curve is added nothing else will be plotted (e.g. points, lines etc.).Color/Fill/Linetype/Group/Facets work.
Custom Label Size applies if no Size is applied or if explicitly ignored. Text repelling can take time. Size scales applies to all geoms that use continuous scale size.

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Note: This is experimental and does not work all the time due to ploty::ggploty limitations.

Note: use y for variables of interest (rows) and x for stratification (columns). Drag and Drop the y variable(s) list on the left to the order of your liking. When more than one x is selected the first will be used.

Plot code generation: to reproduce a plot, in the data tab show all rows and save the plotdata into a csv, read back to R naming it plotdata then copy paste the code below. If you face inputs that are not yet supported, please file a github issue.