Welcome to Intervene's Shiny App!

Intervene Shiny App provides an interactive interface for intersection and effective visualization of gene or genomic region sets. Currently, Shiny app does not acccept genomic regions as input, but the text files generated by Interve's command line interface can be easily uploaded to further explore and customize the plots in an interactive way. Intervene has three modules: venn to generate Venn diagrams of up-to 6 sets, upset to generate UpSet plots of more than 3 sets and pairwise to compute and visualize pariwise intersections as clustered heatmap.

Venn module

Intervene's venn module provides up-to 6-way classical, Chow-Ruskey and Edwards’ Euler/Venn diagrams to visualize the intersections of genomic regions or lists.

UpSet module

Intervene’s UpSet modules can be used to visualize the intersection of multiple genomic region sets using UpSet plots.

Pairwise module

Intervene’s pairwise module provides several styles of heatmaps and clustering approaches to customize the heatmaps.


If you use intervene, please cite this paper:

Khan A, Mathelier A. Intervene: a tool for intersection and visualization of multiple gene or genomic region sets. BMC Bioinformatics. 2017;18:287. doi: 10.1186/s12859-017-1708-7

Venn diagrams

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UpSet plots

Pairwise intersection heatmap

Data upload & settings