GSEA results based on specific geneset

GOBP for Gene Ontology Biological Process
GOMF for Gene Ontology Molecular Function
GOCC for Gene Ontology Cellular Component
PS for phylostratific age information
PS2 for the collapsed PS version inferred ancestors being collapsed into one with the known taxonomy information
SF for SCOP domain superfamilies
Pfam for Pfam domain families
DO for Disease Ontology
HPPA for Human Phenotype Phenotypic Abnormality
HPMI for Human Phenotype Mode of Inheritance
HPCM for Human Phenotype Clinical Modifier
HPMA for Human Phenotype Mortality Aging
MP for Mammalian Phenotype
EF for Experimental Factor Ontology used to annotate GWAS Catalog genes
Drug-Gene Interaction database
DGIdb for drugable categories, tissue-specific eQTL-containing genes from GTEx GTExV4, GTExV6p and GTExV7, crowd extracted expression of differential signatures from CREEDS CreedsDisease, CreedsDiseaseUP, CreedsDiseaseDN, CreedsDrug, CreedsDrugUP, CreedsDrugDN, CreedsGene, CreedsGeneUP and CreedsGeneDN
Msigdb(molecular signatures database), including MsigdbH, MsigdbC1, MsigdbC2CGP, MsigdbC2CPall, MsigdbC2CP, MsigdbC2KEGG, MsigdbC2REACTOME, MsigdbC2BIOCARTA, MsigdbC3TFT, MsigdbC3MIR, MsigdbC4CGN, MsigdbC4CM, MsigdbC5BP, MsigdbC5MF, MsigdbC5CC, MsigdbC6, MsigdbC7